Manufacturing materials we offer

Superior components begin with selecting the perfect material. We offer 50+ materials, tailored for diverse manufacturing techniques. From precision metals to durable plastics, find the perfect match for your project’s needs.

cnc-machining metal materials

CNC Machining Metals

Aluminum, stainless steels, titanium, and more.

cnc machining plastics material

CNC Machining Plastics

ABS, nylon, HDPE, PP, PEEK, PTFE, and more.

3d printing metals

3D Printing Metals

Aluminum, stainless steel alloys, titanium and more.

3D printing Plastics

Nylon-like, resins, red wax, and more.

injection molding material-plastics

Injection Molding Plastics

ABS, PC, Acrylic, Nylon,PEEK, and more.

urethane casting material

Urethane Casting Materials

ABS-, PC-. PP- Acrylic-like, and more.

sheet metal material-metals

Sheet Metal Materials

Aluminum, stainless steel, copper and more.

Frequently Asked Question

We offer a diverse range of manufacturing materials to suit various industries and applications. These materials include metals, plastics, composites, and elastomers.

Yes, we can work with you to identify and source custom materials tailored to your specific project requirements. Contact to speak to our experts.

Absolutely. Our experienced team can offer guidance to help you choose the optimal material based on factors like strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Contact to speak to our experts.

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