Prototypes and Production Parts for Aerospace

Why Aerospace Companies Choose SogaWorks

Strong Production Capability

We have established a manufacturing network of over 10,000 manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications. Strict NDA agreements with our network protect your privacy.

Instant Quote Engine

Simply upload your CAD file, select your manufacturing options, get an instant quote, and order in just a few clicks. You can import multiple designs at once in a single quote and choose the required specifications for each part.

Tighter Tolerances

We can machine aerospace parts with tight tolerances up to +/-0.001 inches. We implement ISO 2768-m standard tolerance for metals and ISO-2768-c for plastics. Our manufacturing capabilities can also accommodate intricate designs for custom part manufacturing.

ISO9001 certificated Quality

Sogaworks is ISO 9001 certified, Sogaworks’ production line features advanced technologies to ensure manufacturing accuracy and precision. Every part comes with the correct dimensional specifications, structural strength, and performance.

Materials for Aerospace Components

Our manufacturing techniques are compatible with abundant materials to meet the industrial-grade demands of the aerospace industry.

Surface finishes for Aerospace

Get high-quality surface finishing for your aerospace components to improve their corrosion and wear resistance.


Anodizing in aerospace provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and enhanced adhesion for coatings.


Polishing in aerospace achieves smooth and aerodynamic surfaces on aircraft, reducing drag, and enhancing fuel efficiency.


Electroplating in aerospace enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of components while reducing wear and ensuring electrical conductivity.

Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a durable and corrosion-resistant finish on aircraft components, ensuring their longevity and performance in demanding conditions.

For more advanced surface finishes, feel free to contact our account representative.

Manufacturing Applications in the Aerospace Industry

Process for Aerospace Industry

CNC Machining

Fast and high precision machining with milling(3/4/5-Axis) and turning.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

High efficiency by laser cutting, bending, welding & surface finishing.

Injection Molding

End-use, rigid or rubber parts built from plastic injection, bi-color, overmolding, and insert molding.

3D Printing

Affordable accurate production across SLA, SLS,MJF,SLM with fast delivery.

Resources for the Aerospace Industry

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