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CNC Machining Capabilities

For customers who seek CNC services for rapid prototyping and low-volume production, Our custom CNC machining service is the best solution. With our self-owned factories of 2000 ㎡ and a manufacturing network of 1000+㎡ qualified CNC machining shops, we can ensure your CNC machined parts with quality, affordability, and fast lead times.CNC Milling Service.

CNC milled part

CNC Milling

CNC milling manufactures tight tolerance metal and plastic parts with specific geometries, including 3,4, and 5–axis CNC machining processes.

CNC turning part

CNC Turning

CNC turning manufactures cylindrical components from plastic and metal bars or tubes, including CNC turning, swiss turning and turning-mill machines.

Auxiliary Process

Wire Cutting, EDM, Grinding, etc.

CNC machined part with surface finishes

Surface Finishing

Sandblasting, Anodizing,
Electroplating, Polishing, etc.

CNC Machined Parts Produced By SogaWorks

High-precision CNC machined prototypes and end-use parts we have produced for our valued customers.

CNC Machining Tolerance

If not otherwise specified on the technical drawing, all parts will be machined to ISO 2768 tolerance standards below. Generally you can choose ISO 2768-m, ISO 2768-f or specify more tighter tolerances in your 2D technical drawings.

Limits for nominal lengths
ISO 2768-m
ISO 2768-f

0.5mm to 3mm



Over 3mm to 6mm



Over 6mm to 30mm



Over 30mm to 120mm



Over 120mm to 400mm



Over 400mm to 1000mm



Over 1000mm to 2000mm



Over 2000mm to 4000mm



Limits for nominal lengths
ISO 2768-m
ISO 2768-f

Up to 10mm



Over 10mm to 50mm



Over 50mm to 120mm



Over 120mm to 400mm



Over 400mm



Limits for nominal lengths
ISO 2768-m
ISO 2768-f

0.5mm to 3mm



Over 3mm to 6mm



Over 6mm



Roughness and threads

Standard order surface finish shall be referred to as As Machined and requires a ~125 RA µin (3.2 RA µm) finish. Minor tool marks visible on the part are acceptable. Or you can specify more tighter roughness in your 2D technical drawings.
All sharp edges and burrs will be removed. If any form of threads (internal or external), any non-standard tolerances or any non-standard surface finish are required, these must be clearly indicated in a 2D technical drawing.

CNC Machining Materials

Many materials can be used in CNC machining technologies, which bring you a wide range of options for your CNC machined parts. At Sogaworks, we provide instant quotations on 40+ industrial-grade metal and plastic materials.


Aluminum used in CNC machining projects is always Aluminum alloys, it has a wide range of grades such as 6061, 7075, 2024, 6063, etc. Aluminum is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and machinability.

– Aluminum 6061-T6
– Aluminum 7075-T6
– Aluminum 2024
– Aluminum 5052
– Aluminum 6063
– Aluminum 7050
– Aluminum MIC-6

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is commonly used in CNC machining due to its corrosion resistance, durability, and high tensile strength. It has a wide range of grades, including 304, 316, 430, etc.

– Stainless Steel 303
– Stainless Steel 304
– Stainless Steel 304L
– Stainless Steel 316
– Stainless Steel 316L
– Stainless Steel 410
– Stainless Steel 430
– Stainless Steel 440C
– Stainless Steel 17-4PH

Steel Alloy

Steel alloys are of excellent machinability, cost efficiency, and durability, we provide the popular grades of steel alloys for your choice, such as 1045, 1215,4130, etc.

– Steel Alloy 1045
– Steel Alloy 1215
– Steel Alloy 4130
– Steel Alloy 4140
– Steel Alloy 4340
– Steel Alloy 5140
– Steel Alloy A36


Brass has excellent electrical conductivity, an aesthetic golden appearance, and corrosion resistance. It is one of the easiest metals to machine.

– Brass C260
– Brass C274
– Brass C280
– Brass C360


Copper is one of the strategic materials for production among many industries. It has properties of electrical and thermal conductivity, UV resistance, and great machinability.

– Copper C101
– Copper C102
– Copper C110


Titanium is a remarkable CNC machined material. It is capable of withstanding high temperatures and chemical corrosion and is lightweight, making it a unique and desirable choice for manufacturers.

– Titanium Grade 5 6A1-4V


In addition to metal materials, plastics are also important materials for CNC machining, Sogaworks offers multiple options of plastics, which include ABS, PC, PEEK, PMMA, and more.

– Nylon
– PC
– PMMA (Acrylic) and more

* For materials not shown here, feel free to contact us directly.

Surface Finishes

Surface finishes are crucial for achieving the desired functional or aesthetic quality of CNC machined components. At SogaWorks, we offer a spectrum of surface finishes that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your custom projects.

anodized aluminum parts

Grow a thickness oxide layer ranging from 0.0001 to 0.001 inches to protect and color aluminum CNC machined parts for corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

Anodizing Type II

Create a thicker layer ranging from 0.001 to 0.004 inches. it is ideal for where hardness and wear resistance are crucial.

Anodizing Type III

Preserve or enhance the electrical conductivity of the aluminum parts while still providing the benefits of traditional type II.

Conductive Anodizing Type II

Cover a part with a thin layer of metal by electrochemical deposition for function, decoration or corrosion resistance.


Apply a protective coating of zinc to steel, iron, and copper objects to prevent corrosion.


Apply a protective or functional coating to surfaces. It involves the application of liquid paint and then undergoes a curing process to solidify the paint film.


Apply a protective and decorative coating to materials, primarily metals. It involves applying a dry powder onto a surface, which is then applied electrostatically and cured under heat or UV light.

Powder Coating

Spray silica sand to the surface of the workpiece using compressed air to clean, smooth, or texture surfaces, providing a desired finish for functional or aesthetic purposes.

Sand Blasting

Apply images, patterns, or text to surfaces.

Silk Screen

A conversion coating applied to ferrous metals to provide a thin, protective layer of black iron oxide.

Black Oxide

Use abrasive belts or roller brushes to refine and improve the surface quality of components.


Selectively remove material from the surface, resulting in a smooth, polished, and often corrosion-resistant finish.


Manufacturing Capabilities and Equipment

What Our Customers Say

It was an amazing experience to work with SogaWorks people. They are very professional and caring and keep up smooth communication over our outsourced parts production. We will continue to partner with their service for future projects.

Engineer, ABB

We have lots of projects for small quantity parts. SogaWorks has always treated our requests fairly. What is more, they provided us with valuable technical feedback. We really appreciate their genuine desire to help.

Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University

SogaWorks demonstrates professionalism. They enabled our purchasing process at ease. We don't have to juggle around managing various suppliers. You save the day. Great job!

Colleen Chan
Purchasing Specialist, Panasonic China

We would like to express our thanks for your down-to-earth support on our rush orders. Our requirements were rigid and the delivery deadlines were tight. Yet, all orders have been delivered perfectly. This is a team that can take challenging jobs.

Project Manager, HP

Our Advantages

instant quote in 5s

Quote in 5 Seconds

Utilizing a self-developed, machine learning-driven intelligent quoting system, we can offer rapid quotations for your inquiry in 5 seconds.

One-Stop Manufacturing Service

We provide one-stop manufacturing services from R&D prototypes to massive production, covering hundreds of materials and most of the surface finishes.

End-to-end Professional Service

Our specialized account managers and engineers provide “One to One” service, and work collaboratively with both customers and partners by better understanding their requirements, which is to achieve better turnaround time and lower cost for your project.

final inspection

Fully Inspected Before Delivery

Before shipping out the parts to you, we conduct a strict final inspection for all parts with high-accuracy measuring equipment.

Serving Multiple Industries

Our rapid prototyping and on-demand production services are used across a wide range of industries, but the following areas are where we have the most experience.


Elevate the reliability of your medical devices with accurate manufacturing solution.


Lightweight and durable solutions for the most demanding aviation needs.


Tailored to optimize performance and reliability in the automotive.


Fuel your robotic innovations with our precision-engineered parts.

FAQs About CNC Machining Service

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that typically uses a computer program to control cutting tools, remove layers of material from a workpiece, and produce custom-designed parts.

The expense associated with our CNC machining service is variable and directly influenced by the distinct attributes of your project, including its design and tolerance specifications. The machining duration for the chosen material is another key determinant of the cost.

We cater to both one-off prototype and large-scale production runs. Thus, there is typically no strict MOQ. Whether you need a single part or thousands, We aims to provide a solution.

Lead times could change depending on the chosen material, the degree of design complexity. For smaller items specifically, CNC machining’s speed is one of its benefits. Machining times may be rather fast after the setup is finished. Parts delivered as fast as 2 day! For a more precise estimate, nevertheless, it is advisable to ask for quotations straight forwardly.

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