Metal 3D Printing Service

We offer precision and versatility in metal additive manufacturing. From rapid prototyping to production-grade components, our metal 3D printing services deliver innovation at every layer.

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Gallery of 3D Printing Metals

3d printing aluminum part


Good strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature and corrosion resistance, and good fatigue.


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3d printing stainless steel parts

Stainless steel

Hardness and strength, corrosion resistance.


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3d printing steel part


strength, sustainable, heat treatable.


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3d printing titanium part


High strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature and corrosion resistance.


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Finishes and Post-Processing Options

We offer a variety of surface finish options for your metal 3D printing parts. you can choose from them for both enhancing corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance.

3d printing part with spray printing

Spray painting

FAQs About Metal 3D Printing

The most common metal for 3D printing is stainless steel, valued for its mechanical properties and cost-effectiveness. Titanium and aluminum are also popular, especially in aerospace and medical fields for their strength and lightweight characteristics.

3D printing materials can vary widely, with options that include plastic, powders, resins, metal and carbon fiber. These materials make 3D printing a promising option for many parts, from highly accurate aerospace and industrial machinery components to customized consumer goods.

Metals for 3D printing are often far more expensive than other forms of the same metal. This is due to special processing and purity requirements. In addition to the raw material itself, some metal 3D printers require inert gas which can add a surprising amount to the overall annual cost.

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