Urethane Casting Materials

We offer a variety of material options suitable for different urethane casting projects. Find the perfect material for your needs and bring your ideas to life.

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Gallery of Urethane Casting Materials

abs-like polyurethane urethane casted part


Durability and versatility


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rubber-like urethane casted part


Flexibility, impact absorption, tear Resistance


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Acrylic-like polyurethane urethane casted part


clarity, UV resistance, chemical resistance


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PC-like polyurethane urethane casted part


Impact and heat resistance, dimensional stability


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PP-like polyurethane urethane casted part


Chemical resistance, low density, cost-effective


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Nylon-like polyurethane urethane casted part


High strength, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance


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Finishes and Post-Processing Options

We offer a wide range of surface finishes for urethane casted parts.

urethane casted part with painting


urethane casted part with powder coating

Powder coating

urethane casted part with silk screen

Silk screen

urethane casted part with laser marking

Laser marking

FAQs About Urethane Casting Materials

Urethane casting materials are liquid polymers that are poured into molds to create parts and prototypes. They are commonly used in low-volume production, rapid prototyping, and product development across various industries.

Urethane casting materials typically exhibit properties such as flexibility, durability, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. The specific properties can vary depending on the formulation of the material.

Urethane casting materials can be selected from options that are more environmentally friendly, such as bio-based or recyclable materials. However, the environmental impact can vary depending on the specific formulation and disposal practices. It’s essential to consider sustainability factors when choosing materials.

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