Why You Can Outource Your CNC Machining Parts: Pros and Suggestions

Outsourcing CNC machining has become an increasingly popular strategy among businesses. While it brings convenience to enterprises, it also has some problems of its own. This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of outsourced CNC machining services and propose some reference strategies for choosing the right CNC machining service provider.

Advantages of Sourcing CNC Machining Service

Cost control

Cost reduction is always a primary concern in the business world. Outsourcing CNC machining services can significantly reduce capital requirements. Purchasing and maintaining CNC machining equipment requires significant capital investment and operating costs, including equipment acquisition, human resources, maintenance and training. Outsourcing CNC machining services can help you save on these costs and only pay for on-demand CNC machining.

People on the ground

Outsourcing companies typically bring together a team of skilled professionals with considerable experience and advanced technical capabilities. By opting for outsourcing CNC machining, businesses can benefit from external expertise without the necessity of investing in costly technical training and equipment procurement themselves.

Engineer  is operating the CNC machine


Having an in-house CNC machining setup may come with restrictions on capabilities, especially when dealing with new product lines. Should you aim to scale up your production, you'd be required to invest in extra equipment to meet your demands. However, opting for outsourcing with a CNC machining service eliminates these constraints. These specialized manufacturing companies boast a range of CNC machining equipment, offering not just variety in machine numbers but also in file formats, material options, and ancillary processes like anodizing and heat treatment.

Focus on core business

Outsourcing CNC machining to specialist suppliers allows companies to focus on core business, such as product development, marketing and innovation. This helps increase competitiveness and speed time to market.

Disadvantages of Sourcing CNC Machining Service

Communication and coordination challenges

There can be some challenges in communicating and coordinating effectively with external suppliers. This includes ensuring design and quality requirements are accurately communicated, as well as tracking production progress and delivery times.

Communication in CNC machining project

Possible quality issues

Possible quality concerns may arise due to differing quality standards between outsourcing firms and enterprises, necessitating that enterprises ensure outsourcing companies comprehend and adhere to their quality criteria. Mitigating quality risks involves establishing robust communication and monitoring protocols.

Delivery delays

Delivery schedules might encounter setbacks due to external variables like disruptions in the raw material supply chain or transportation delays affecting outsourced CNC machining services. Enterprises should factor in these external uncertainties when devising their plans.

Things to consider when choosing a CNC machining provider

High-quality equipment and expertized technicians 

When selecting a CNC machining provider, it's important to consider several factors. Firstly, assess the provider's equipment and tools to ensure they are up-to-date, enabling precise and high-quality manufacturing of your parts and components. Additionally, evaluate the expertise of their technicians who oversee and operate these tools efficiently. Competent technicians can identify and address any potential quality issues with your parts before production.


You can ensure the sustainability and standards of an outsourcing company by assessing its global certifications. For example, ISO certifications (such as ISO9001, AS9100, or ISO4001) are the primary way to identify the best CNC machining companies.

ISO certification

Check customer reviews

While you may be willing to pay a reasonable price for high-quality services, it's essential to conduct thorough research to determine whether a particular provider offers commensurate value. Evaluating their track record is crucial. Begin by requesting information about the shop's longevity. A CNC machining enterprise with decades of operation likely has experience serving various clients and should be well-equipped to meet your needs. Furthermore, seeking out customer feedback and testimonials is imperative. A dependable CNC machining provider will readily furnish referrals to attest to the excellence of their services.

Delivery time

Consider whether the service provider's delivery time meets your schedule and requirements to ensure the project can be completed on time.

Why choose a Chinese CNC machining provider

Saving cost

When considering choosing a CNC machining service provider in China, labor cost is an important consideration. According to data disclosed by the International Labor Organization in 2020, the average hourly wage in China is about $5, while the average hourly wage in the United States is about $30. This means that the cost of CNC machining services in China may be more competitive. This can help you reduce production costs and gain price competitiveness in the market.

Competencies and expertise

CNC machining service providers in China usually have advanced equipment and technology. China's investment in manufacturing and technology continues to grow, according to China's National Bureau of Statistics. This means that many Chinese CNC machining service providers can provide high-level technical support and expertise to meet the various needs of customers. The scale of China's manufacturing industry is also an important consideration. According to the World Bank, China is one of the world's largest manufacturing countries, with huge production capacity and flexible production scale. This enables China's CNC processing service providers to cope with production needs of different scales and complexities and provide customers with diversified processing services.

Strong supply chain

China has a complete and efficient supply chain management system that enables Chinese manufacturers to efficiently purchase raw materials and ship CNC machined parts to all parts of the world. It also allows manufacturers to find the best quality and price for their specific needs. Companies such as Sogaworks, they have cooperated with more than 1000+ high-quality manufacturing factories.

Strict quality control

ISO standards are international standards that ensure products and services meet certain quality and safety requirements. Most Chinese manufacturers have obtained ISO certification, indicating that they implement strict quality control measures and that parts or products meet international standards.

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